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It's As If Everything Has Been Forgotten

Well, Donald Trump won the presidency, the markets did not crash (they did fall overnight but quickly surged back) and now we have reached new all time highs... Me personally, I am not convinced by the rally. I am actually more fearful.. We have seen a tremendous push up in the markets since election day.... But electing a new president does not erase the last 7 years of near zero interest rates and their consequences, manipulative central bank policies, and record global debt levels. All of sudden its like everyone forgot about how 25% of the worlds GDP comes from countries with negative interest rates. How our economy is nearing 7 years on its expansion... How the business cycle peaked years ago, corporate profits have been on a significant decline and the dollar has reached a 13yr high... How debt from the four main domestic non-financial sectors (households, business, federal and state/local) has increased by 2.2 trillion over the latest statistical year while GDP grew by roughly 4